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Cloud Services



We embrace cloud-native application development as the design, engineering, deployment and monitoring of scalable, elastic, performant and cost-effective operating systems that are predominantly composed of cloud-based PaaS, serverless and/or container technologies.

We partner with our clients to solve critical business challenges by envisioning, designing, creating, and maintaining enterprise software solutions that enable them to succeed in their digital transformation journey.

We help businesses move their products/software/solutions to the multi-cloudor configure custom cloud infrastructure.

We specifically offer below services:


As one of the leading cloud providers, we partner with organizations to help them understand their technical and cultural readiness to move to the cloud.

We audit your existing IT infrastructure and business processes, analyze cloud adoption needs, and prepare a feasibility study and business case. Our cloud architects will suggest the best fitting cloud provider and deployment option, advise on a pragmatic cloud strategy and the required IaaS, PaaS or SaaS services. We also prepare a risk mitigation plan and a security strategy.


Our DevOps culture of transparency, infused with practices and technology partners allows you to quickly build, develop, and test applications for cloud migration and deployments.

With our Cloud DevOps Service, you can offload your DevOps challenges to our cloud experts, so you can focus on innovation rather than application development.


From containers to serverless and everything in between – we can help develop, deploy, and manage cloud-native solutions at scale while enabling you to innovate with speed.

We design, build, test, deploy, and support apps and data warehouses that are fully adjusted to the specific capabilities and constraints of the cloud. Our team can cover back-end development, front-end development, integrations with other software, and CI/CD pipeline design. We also have in-house compliance experts (e.g., HIPAA, FDA, PCI DSS).


We are expert cloud service providers who can quickly migrate your apps and data to the AWS or Azure cloud, providing continuous support and optimization.

We modernize your application or data storage and execute their fast, smooth, and reliable migrations without unplanned disruptions to your business. Our QA engineers prepare the test strategy and perform manual and automated testing. If required, we can also integrate your cloud and on-premises environments, implement CI/CD, improve security, and more.


Our cloud consulting services help you gain maximum value from your investments in cloud computing in the form of reduced costs, streamlined delivery, optimal performance, high security, and reliability. Our custom range of services varies across cloud transformation strategy consulting, cloud architecture design, complete guidance on cloud transformation, infrastructure configuration, and code reviews.

We work with you to determine the best cloud models – such as public cloud and hybrid cloud environments, cloud services, and subscriptions for your business. We ensure benefits on Reduced migration cost, Optimized monthly cloud costs, High development speed, and guaranteed quality as well.


As a cloud solution service company, we help your organization with end-to-end cloud managed services. Whether it is IT infrastructure optimization into an easy-to-use platform, disaster recovery services, application management, or integration of cloud software and hardware into a unified analytics platform, being a trusted cloud services company, we cover all your business needs.

We provide enterprise-grade monitoring and technical support while reducing costs and operational burdens.We review your cloud environment and check if you use the right cloud services to meet your needs. We also pause/terminate redundant cloud services, rightsized cloud resources, consider using Reserved and Spot instances, and more.